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Proposed script codes for the ConScript Unicode Registry

ConScript Unicode Registry

The following is a suggested assignment of ISO 15924 script codes to the 40 “constructed” scripts registered in, or proposed for, the ConScript Unicode Registry (CSUR) and the 10 additional scripts registered in Rebecca Bettencourt’s Under-ConScript Unicode Registry. These user-defined alphabetic and numeric script codes fall within the ISO 15924 range marked “Reserved for private use,” just as the characters in the scripts are assigned to code points within the Private Use Area of Unicode.

In this scheme, codes are assigned as follows:

49 or 50?   There are 40 scripts in CSUR and 10 in UCSUR. One of them (Kinya) exists in three variant forms and is assigned three script codes here, analogous to the assignment of separate ISO 15924 codes for the Fraktur and Gaelic variants of Latin. On the other hand, three CSUR scripts (Cirth, Tengwar, and Visible Speech) already have “real” ISO 15924 codes. So there are (40 + 10) + (3 – 1) – 3 = 49 new codes in this proposal.

Like any other private-use assignment, these script codes are not official. They are only a suggestion. The code Qaba refers to the Aiha script only within this unofficial CSUR-based assignment scheme, and only by private agreement between sender and receiver. Otherwise, it could refer to almost anything, even another CSUR script.

Entries in this table are initially in alphabetical order by script name. Click on the column headers to sort by any column, or to reverse the order. Yellow-highlighted scripts already have an official ISO 15924 code. Blue-highlighted scripts are in UCSUR but not in CSUR.

 Script  Block
Qaba 926 Aiha U+F8A0—U+F8CF
Qaaa 900 Alzetjan U+E550—U+E57F
Qaac 902 Amlin U+E6D0—U+E6EF
Qabn 939 Amman-Iar U+E290—U+E2BF
Qabi 934 aUI U+E270—U+E28F
Qaax 923 Aurebesh U+E890—U+E8DF
Cirt 291 Cirth U+E080—U+E0FF
Qaad 903 D’ni U+E830—U+E88F
Qaaq 916 Deini U+ED00—U+ED3F
Qaae 904 Engsvanyáli U+E100—U+E14F
Qabe 930 Ewellic U+E680—U+E6CF
Qabf 931 Ferengi U+E600—U+E62F
Qaag 906 Gargoyle U+E5C0—U+E5DF
Qaah 907 Glaitha-A U+E900—U+E97F
Qaai 908 Glaitha-B U+E980—U+E9DF
Qaal 911 Ilianore U+E1B0—U+E1CF
Qabk 936 Kazat ?akkorou U+E430—U+E44F
Qabv 947 Kazvarad U+E450—U+E46F
Qabw 948 Kelwathi U+E4F0—U+E4FF
Qaan 913 Kinya (galme xornaf variant)  U+E150—U+E1AF,
Qaao 914 Kinya (soþne xornaf variant) U+E150—U+E1AF
Qaat 919 Kinya (tolle xornaf variant) U+E150—U+E1AF
Qaak 910 Klingon U+F8D0—U+F8FF
Qaaj 909 Lhenazi U+EA00—U+EA9F
Qaam 912 Mizarian U+E300—U+E33F
Qabm 938 Monofon U+E800—U+E82F
Qabb 927 Nísklôz U+E400—U+E42F
Qabc 928 Olaetyan U+E3B0—U+E3FF
Qabo 940 Ophidian U+E5E0—U+E5FF
Qabp 941 Pikto U+F0E70—U+F16AF 
Qaar 917 Røzhxh U+E490—U+E4BF
Qabr 943 Rynnan U+E520—U+E54F
Qabg 932 Saklor U+E500—U+E51F
Qabj 935 Sarkai U+E360—U+E37F
Qabq 942 Serivelna U+E4C0—U+E4EF
Qaas 918 Seussian Latin Extensions U+E630—U+E64F
Qabs 944 Solresol U+E770—U+E77F
Qaau 920 Ssûraki U+E5A0—U+E5BF
Qabh 933 Streich U+E2C0—U+E2CF
Qaay 924 Syai U+E1D0—U+E1FF
Qaab 901 Sylabica U+E650—U+E67F
Qabt 945 Telarasso U+E580—U+E59F
Teng 290 Tengwar U+E000—U+E07F
Qabl 937 Thelwik U+E380—U+E3AF
Qaaf 905 Tonal U+E8E0—U+E8FF
Qabu 946 Unifon U+E740—U+E76F
Qaav 921 Verdurian U+E200—U+E26F
Visp 280 Visible Speech U+E780—U+E7FF
Qaaw 922 Wanya U+EAA0—U+EAFF
Qabx 949 Xaîni U+E2D0—U+E2FF
Qabd 929 Zarkhánd U+E470—U+E48F
Qaaz 925 Zírí:nka U+E340—U+E35F

For more information about the ConScript Unicode Registry, visit the CSUR home page or contact Michael Everson or John Cowan. You can also view a graphical roadmap of the scripts, with links to all of the CSUR proposals.

For more information about the Under-ConScript Unicode Registry, visit the UCSUR home page or contact Rebecca Bettencourt.

See also Rebecca’s ConLang Code Registry, which assigns private-use ISO 639-3 code elements to constructed languages.

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